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We get to re-open!!

May 26th! We are ready, we have cleaned, and prepared and we know what we need to do to keep everyone safe. We are EXCITED!!!

This time has apart has been challenging but has also given us a lot of time to reflect on how much we love our fitness family, and how much we rely on each other.

We know these last few weeks have been crazy, and we want to start by thanking EVERYONE for how much love and support we have felt! We also want to take this opportunity to talk about why we do what we do, and the way we do things.

If you have ever been to a class at Renovo Fitness, you have probably noticed that they run a little differently than classes at other gyms. We don’t dim the lights, or turn the music up, we don’t have microphones for the instructors or screens to keep stats. We love to chat, before, during and after the class and make it a priority to facilitate conversation and community around our classes. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get a good workout in, because we definitely prioritize hard work as well! 

What we believe is that building a strong community is the foundation of success. Most people don’t actually enjoy working out, but they do enjoy having a community of people that hold them accountable, and hold them up. This is why we intentionally make our classes accessible, and fun, for everyone! We never want people to feel out of place or like they don’t belong in our gym. We aim to be a source of information, inspiration and never intimidation for everyone that comes through our doors. In this way, we have been able to assemble a unique community of people who are all in different life stages, have different goals, and are in different places in their fitness journey. We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality workouts and instruction for everyone, meeting them where they are in their goals, journey, and life.

The last few weeks of quarantine have really highlighted for us the importance of those community connections that we have built. We know people are struggling to stick to their workouts at home without the support and camaraderie of their gym family, and we definitely know that we miss seeing everyone every day! The separation has also allowed us to find new ways of staying in touch and encouraging each other though, through Facebook check-ins, Zoom calls and lots of text messages! It has been an incredibly humbling experience to see how our people have rallied to take care of us, each other and themselves and we are so glad to be a part of it! 

We will see you all SOON!

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