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Hello Renovo Fam!

Welcome back to the Renovo Blog! We took a break in 2020 to focus on keeping the physical gym alive and healthy, but we are back!

Unfortunately, we are writing during a time when many of our people are at home in a post-holiday quarantine. We miss you guys, but we hope to stay connect virtually as much as we can. More than that, we hope that everyone’s quarantines are MUCH shorter than the shut-down, and that everyone stays healthy!

Today’s blog is just a little reintroduction to Renovo and who we are and what we do. During our break, we have been reflecting on what we love about our gym, what we could do better, and who we want to be in the future. Part of this was an exercise where we came up with the Renovo Mission and Vision statements. We would like to share those with you and hear your feedback. Let us know how we are living up to these, and what else we can do achieve them. So here we go!

Renovo’s Vision Statement:

Our vision is to inform, instruct & improve our clients to strengthen their body, mind and the community.

Renovo’s Mission Statement:

As more a community than a gym, we want everyone to feel welcome by creating an environment conducive to experimentation, openness and honesty. We pride ourselves on knowing everyone’s names and individual goals so we can provide high quality, tailored solutions. We believe fitness should be holistic, fun and individualized, from just getting started to life-long athletes.

Now, a little bit about where these came from. The vision statement was meant to be something we use in our day to day to keep us on track. This statement helps guide who we want to be, how we want to operate as a gym and community. These are the goals that guide our decision making, and help to keep us focused on our larger goals.

The mission statement is sort of like our roadmap for how we achieve the goals we laid out in our vision statement. It is more of an explanation of what we aim to do everyday to make sure that we are being the educators, friends, and leaders that we want to be. Over the last few years, we have really realized that community is what sets us apart from other gyms, and is a foundational element in our success. For us, we are all about figuring out how to continue to build and grow a strong, healthy community and we are excited that YOU are part of it!

A challenge to you:

As a final thought, we would like to challenge you to come up with your own mission and vision statement for the year! What are your aspirations, and what is the road map you need to get there? Share yours with us!

Thanks for tuning in! The next blog posts will be lighter and more fitness-y and informational! Some make sure you come back 😊

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