The Breakdown

The breakdown method: may sound harsh, but we are here to help!

Welcome to the Renovo Fitness Blog: The Breakdown! If you have come here looking for easy to understand fitness information, you have come to the right place. Our breakdown method is something we use in all aspects of our business and profession. We will help you break down your goals into small, achievable pieces, we will break down each workout so you never have to guess what you should be doing or why, and we will break down (in both ways) habits that are holding you back from your potential.

The aim of this blog is to break down information all across the health and wellness arena to help you better understand common terms, fads, and your own health. Each week one of our trainers will break down a topic for you, from popular products you may be hearing about, to diets and nutrition that are in the media right now, and maybe some fun home workouts in there as well!

We aim to be a reliable and trusted source of fitness information to all of our fitness family, both inside and outside the gym. So please, ask questions, leave comments, and let us know what you would like us to break down for you!

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